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The Island of Guam is such a wonderful place. It is the most populous island in Micronesia. Although it is the largest one in the region, you can explore the entire island in a day or two. You get to see historical villages, pristine beaches, and wonderful waterfalls. And if you want to find the best places on Guam, then check out Top Guam. It is an online directory of businesses, restaurants, and shops that you can find on the island.


Most visitors travel to Guam to spend time on the beach. And the best thing about the island is that it is blessed with lots of pristine beaches. There are also nearby islands waiting for visitors to explore them. Guam is also a destination for people who love to party, dine on gourmet seafood dishes, and shop. All these factors make the island the perfect vacation spot for everyone.


Guam is most likely the top tourist destination in the Western Pacific. It has almost one and a half million tourists from Asia, Australia, and United States each year, among other places. The climate is tropical and beautiful, and the cuisine is rich in heritage.

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Planning a trip to Guam

If you are planning to travel to Guam, then Top Guam should be your first destination. The online directory can help you with your itinerary by recommending the best places to go on the island. Whether it is food, shopping, hotels, coffee, or site seeing, you will find everything on Top Guam. The website is a one-stop-shop for information about businesses and restaurants found on the island.


Planning a trip is easy if you know where to go. Top Guam provides all the information you need to create your itinerary. You can make your choices based on your budget, preferences, and length of stay.

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If you are already on the island, Top Guam has a feature to search around your position. You can change the radius of the search to find what’s near you! It will tell you the nearby shops, restaurants, adventures and other businesses within that radius.


And if you are looking for something specific, you can search Top Guam by category.

Exploring Guam

Guam is such a beautiful island. There’s no reason why you should not explore it while you are here. Go on a tour to visit the different waterfalls and historic villages in the island. Or you can also see the different museums found in Guam.


Top Guam might be relatively new, but it is the go-to online directory for people who want to know more about the island. It has all the information you need with regards to the things to do and places to visit in the island. It is also easy to use, with a user-friendly interface. The information will be available to you as soon as you hit the search button.

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